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The Queen of Wands sits upon her throne that is decorated with lions facing opposing directions, a symbol of fire and strength. In her left hand, on her crown and behind her are sunflowers, symbolizing life, fertility, joy and satisfaction. In her right hand is a wand with one small sprout coming to life. At her feet is a black cat, an indication that while she is confident and outgoing, she is also in touch with her shadow self – the darker, lesser-known side of herself.



The Queen of Wands reminds you that you are confident, courageous, and determined. You are here to see through your creative visions and life purpose, even in the face of adversity and challenge. You are also highly self-actualized and self-aware, knowing how to best channel your strengths and your weaknesses so that you can achieve your goals. You are highly optimistic and full of ideas that you are ready to implement and share with others. You know what you want and how to get it, and you are masterful at engaging with others to achieve your goals. You stay fiercely determined and focused on your goals whilst being friendly and optimistic with those around you.

The Queen of Wands asks you to be bold and courageous in your undertakings and actions. Don’t be afraid to own your true power and put it out into the world. You have so much to offer so shine your light bright! You believe so much in yourself and what you stand for that you are unafraid to speak up and be heard. You have an ability to express your passions with great authenticity and courage. No-one will silence you.

Always the social butterfly, the Queen of Wands suggests that you lead a busy life, making connections with others and putting yourself out there as you pursue your creative vision. You radiate health and vitality and you have an inner vibrancy that fills you with ongoing energy and inspiration. You are a a natural-born, intelligent leader who actively inspires others. You can be quite the ‘mover and shaker,’ influencing others through your vision, courage and determination. You instil confidence in others and you give them the power and self-assurance that they can achieve anything that they set their mind to.

The Queen of Wands also indicates that you are expressing yourself fully in your external world and you enjoy being the centre of attention. You create a powerful first impression and you can easily form friendships and relationships with others through your sweet, warm and charming nature. This is the perfect time to put yourself out there and meet new people or create a new community of like-minded people. They will be drawn in by your energy, passion and enthusiasm, and together you can create positive change in the world.

Finally, the Queen of Wands encourages you to get to know your shadow self – the lesser-known and sometimes darker side of who you really are. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative aspect of yourself, but may be something that most people probably don’t know about you – yet! It may be your dark sense of humour, a secret life from your past, or a passion project that you’ve kept hidden away. While you may want to hide this part of yourself, the Queen of Wands encourages you to express this more openly with others – don’t be afraid to show your dark side every now and then. It will make you more real and authentic and will help you to connect on a deeper level with others.